Car Body Repairs in Orpington | Matching Colours for Bonnets, Boots and Bumpers

Did you know that our car body and classic car repair shop in Royal Tunbridge Wells has an integrated paint mixing room complete with an ICI tinting system? Most workshops include a mixing scheme in their facilities. If a business performs accident repairs or car body repairs, it isn’t convenient to continuously call suppliers and have them mix colours then deliver them to you. Even companies in classic car restoration with lower demand for paint still have tinting systems onsite.

Bonnet, bootlid or bumper repairs, we have Orpington and the whole of Southern England covered with a responsive range of services and the promise of perfect paint finishes every time.

The scheme itself has dozens of different colours, metallic bases and paint stabilisers. When we undertake a classic car repair job, or when we perform accident repairs or car body repairs on a newer model for our Orpington customers, we cross reference a code in the engine bay, or in the door shuts, to obtain the name of the colour and a mixing formula for it.

We then mix the paint by volume, using weights as a measure for individual tinters to get the colour exactly right. From major classic car restorations to bumper repairs and more, we at Hillary’s Coachworks produce showroom finishes with edge-to-edge or blended matches which are close to perfection.

Here are some interesting facts about the paint on your car:

• There is a good chance that for a newer model, your car’s colour will have several variants in shade. For this reason, it is critical that we find the correct version.
• With classic car repair projects, there might not be a mixing formula available for older colours. If there isn’t, we can still match up using a spectrometer.
• To achieve a perfect finish on accident repairs or car body repairs in a metallic colour, we normally blend into an adjacent panel to the damaged one for a better match.
• On smaller jobs, like bumper repairs, we can localise the colour and then apply clearcoat to the rest of the panel. This makes paintwork less costly for Orpington motorists.
• If a classic car restoration requires us to apply more than one colour, this isn’t a problem. We use fine-line masking tapes which produce a clean, crisp paint edge.

Remember that the best classic car repair projects, and even work on today’s latest factory-produced models, owe everything to the finish. We’ve undertaken accident repairs and car body repairs for well over 200 years, more than most workshops in the Orpington area combined! We know a thing or two about getting the job exactly right for the customer. Our ICI mixing and tinting scheme is a huge contributor to our success.

Classic car restorations or bumper repairs, we can use several centuries of combined employee experience to provide you with an exceptional brand of service that modern accident repair centres in the South of England envy but can rarely match.

Call 01892 520500 for accident, bumper and car body repairs. We cover Orpington and the whole of Southern England.