Classic Car Repair in Reigate | Is Restoration a Worthwhile Investment?

Enthusiasts tend to fall in love with a vision long before they fall in love with a particular car. It makes sense to most of us that a classic car restoration project is all about bringing a timeless model back to former glories but, with the cost of car body repairs and, potentially, bumper repairs to consider, is a restoration really a good investment? Will a classic car repair service from Hillary’s Coachworks prove helpful in setting a fair price if you sell a vintage model?

Located in Royal Tunbridge Wells, we have customers in the many surrounding areas, including Reigate, who already use us for car body and accident repairs. In fact, Reigate is of great interest to our company because it regularly hosts classic car meets. And where there is a meet, there is always somebody local considering a classic car restoration.

Whatever your reasons for restoring a vintage car might be, be it as an investment for the future or for car body repairs if you are a keen enthusiast who would never let your prized model go, Hillary’s Coachworks is here to help.

Classic Car Restoration | A Good or Bad Investment?

Paying for car body and accident repairs, and even for bumper repairs, isn’t as big an issue for owners in Reigate with new models because they already have them insured. In the event of damage, it is the insurer of the at-fault driver who picks up the tab. With classic car repairs, the vehicle might not be insured at all so any restoration costs come from your pocket.

Before parting with any money and potentially losing it on a bad investment, we ask that you consider the below:

Make and Model – Evaluate how much your model will be worth after a classic car restoration based on the make, the model and the demand for it. Some classics are more sought after than others. Try not to end up lumbered with something that won’t sell easily when it finally hits the classified ads.

Current Condition – Before booking in for classic car repairs at our premises, owners from Reigate should obtain several estimates for the required work. The cost of car body repairs and bumper repairs needs to come in well below the price the owner spends on their classic to guarantee any future profit.

Your Own Time – Accident repairs to vintage cars, and classic car restorations, don’t just eat into your pocket. They eat into your time too and what might start out as a hobby could soon become an obsession. Unless you are a keen enthusiast, it makes sense not to pour every spare moment into a restoration.

Spare Parts – With modern car body repairs, gaining access to spare parts and components is rarely an issue. With a classic car restoration, you might have to pay for a sourcing service or have parts fabricated from scratch. Owners in the Reigate area should only buy custom-made parts for high-value models.


Ultimately, classic car restorations and classic car repairs are well worth the investment if you have the passion anyway but, for those looking to flip a profit, the expenditure of a restoration must fall well inside the project value of a sale. The one thing we haven’t mentioned yet is the sense of fulfilment one can gain from restoring a vintage model and, in our experience, you can’t put a price on the work we do.

Motorists from Reigate can also use us for accident repairs, car body repairs and bumper repairs on newer models. Please contact us to find out how Hillary’s Coachworks can help you.

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