Classic Car Restoration in Oxted | Tips on Classic Car Ownership and Accident Repairs

Taking on a classic car repair or restoration project is a big decision. Even if you have a background in car body repairs, there are quirks that come with work on time-honoured classics that you won’t find with today’s more advanced models. That’s not to say that a few skills in the field of accident repairs won’t help because they will, but it’s often best to leave classic car restorations to a genuine local specialist.

Hillary’s Coachworks extends a warm welcome to new classic car owners from nearby Oxted. If you need us for panel or bumper repairs on a classic or prestige model, we’re here to help.

We are huge proponents of classic car ownership. Our company has been in business for over 200 years so, while we may be a classic car repair specialist today, the vintage models of yesteryear were once part of our day-to-day work. There was a time when we would have undertaken accident repairs, or car body repairs, on the classic model that you have in mind.

We can still do the same for enthusiasts from the Oxted area today, be it something small like bumper repairs, or a full classic car restoration. We do, however, advise that you consider the following before making an eventual purchase.


Classics handle differently to the mass-produced cars we see in recent times so, while exhilarating, you’ll find driving a classic more intensive too. We’re sure you can cope with a more demanding model but just be aware that driving a Morgan isn’t the same as driving a modern Mini. If you feel you might need help choosing a suitable classic model, call us first.

A classic car repair specialist could help you to make an informed choice on the most appropriate model to buy.


Just because we specialise in accident repairs and car body repairs, it doesn’t mean we’re unfamiliar with mechanics. We urge classic car enthusiasts from Oxted to only invest into a vintage model if they feel comfortable with occasional use. Older cars just aren’t as reliable as the modern cars of today because they don’t have the same advanced management systems.

Add in that parts are harder to find for a classic, and you should buy something more modern if you need to drive daily.


Your classic car restoration will cost you significant money, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Long-term classic car owners know that the spending on their vintage models never really stops. Parts that worked fine last weekend may suddenly fail, seize or stop turning by the end of the following week. Classic car ownership is a genuine passion, not just a hobby.

Add in that if you have an accident, panel and bumper repairs will cost a little more on a classic model than a modern one.

The Big Plus Point

It may seem as if we’re trying to deter some prospective Oxted customers from buying a vintage car, but this most certainly isn’t the case. Classic car repair and classic car restoration services are our living and we’d be crazy to try and put you off. We just want to be realistic and honest with you. Owning a classic requires huge amounts of character and resilience.

If you have these qualities in abundance, buying a classic is a worthwhile experience and could be a great investment.

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