Classic Car Repairs in Sevenoaks | Cutting and Polishing a Car Body

Hillary’s Coachworks is a classic car repair and classic car restoration specialist. With more than 200 years of local history and enough experience in our team to beat most, if not every one of our competitors, your vehicle couldn’t be in safer hands. We work on newer models too, undertaking accident repairs and car body repairs to a standard that never fails to have a positive impact on our Sevenoaks customers.

From small bumper repairs, all the way through to complete crash repairs, major dent repairs, restorations and resprays, Hillary’s Coachworks covers it all.

Our workshop in Tunbridge Wells has a low-bake oven which we use for refinishing. Classic car repair and classic car restoration jobs often require a full respray. Even with extraction facilities in place, it is almost impossible not to get a small amount of contamination in the paintwork. Smaller jobs, like bumper repairs, pick up less dirt and grit.

With accident repairs and car body repairs on newer models, we usually face a small amount of contamination. This is because we blend most metallic and some solid colours into other panels. Motorists from Sevenoaks never need to worry about contaminated paintwork because our engineers and technicians can cut and polish using skills honed over many years.

Car Body Repairs and Cutting

Low-bake ovens have extraction facilities and filters which draw in most airborne particles, but this doesn’t mean a very small number of them won’t find their way into the paint before it cures. This isn’t the end of the world. Our paint technicians can “cut” out imperfections using a fine grade of abrasive paper. Lightly rubbing over the imperfection with a P1200-grit paper levels it with the painted surface.

This leaves a dull area in the paint which we subsequently polish, but a little more on that in the next section.

A classic car or classic repair restoration job will usually need a significant amount of cutting because the larger the surface area we need to paint, the more imperfections we find after baking. Reversely, small jobs like bumper repairs and refinishes might not pick up any imperfections at all.

Motorists from the Sevenoaks area who use us for accident repairs, crash repairs and dent repairs, or for superficial car body repairs on individual panels, will also need to have their paintwork cut in most cases. The great thing about us having to cut paintwork is that the polishing side of things eliminates the dull area.

Car Body Repairs and Polishing

Hillary’s Coachworks uses mechanical polishing equipment to bring back the shine on classic car repair and classic car restoration projects. We lightly smear any areas we previously flattened with an abrasive paste called cutting compound. With a foam head attached to the mechanical polisher which rotates at high speeds, cutting compound removes the dull spots. We take great care at this stage not to burn through the paint.

After exchanging the foam head for one made of lamb’s wool, we apply a light covering of polish to each panel and use the mechanical polisher to bring up a showroom finish. We never hand back keys to our Sevenoaks customers until their cars have passed a strict quality control check.

We are as attentive with accident repairs, crash repairs, dent repairs, car body repairs and bumper repairs as we are with work on classic cars.

We want you to be delighted with our workmanship and with our standards of service. With more than two decades of trading behind us, there is one thing we’ve learned above any other; that you are the most important person in our business, and that we should always treat you as such.

Call 01892 520500 for accident repairs, car body repairs and bumper repairs. We cover Sevenoaks, Kent and Southern England.