Bumper, Classic Car and Accident Repairs in Tonbridge | The Importance of Good Preparation

At Hillary’s Coachworks, we’ve seen an incredible number of changes to the automotive sector over the years. We started out around 1810 as carriage makers and eventually moved onto cars. Some of the cars we repaired decades ago or, at least, similar models to those we once worked on, often pop up again in our classic car repair and classic car restoration work. Heritage and history are both important to our company.

But so are our modern services. Motorists in Tonbridge make the trip to Royal Tunbridge Wells to use us for accident repairs, crash repairs, car body repairs, dent repairs and bumper repairs because, underneath the traditional surface, we have an aptitude for innovation that delivers them the best of both worlds.

We also know what makes for a great finish on our customer’s cars. While the refinishing skills of a technician and the paint we use both have important roles to play in achieving that elusive showroom appeal, it is preparation and what lies beneath the painted surface that guarantees the best results.

In previous years, we refinished classic car repair and classic car restoration jobs in cellulose. Today, we paint our customer’s cars in water-based and two-pack paints from ICI. The mixing system we use also has applications in accident repairs, crash repairs and car body repairs, and it makes it relatively simple for us to achieve a good colour match too.

This is good news for anybody from Tonbridge who might want to use us for single panel jobs, minor dent repairs or bumper repairs. Even without blending, we still achieve great finishes and colour matches.

Accident and Car Body Repairs | Preparation Techniques

Following completion of the repair work, we move your car into our paint shop where it undergoes a series of set procedures. The first of these is to make good the repaired area, something that tends to be extensive on classic car repairs and classic car restorations. Our technicians remove coarse scratches from the filler and paintwork, feather back the repair edges, and sand or hand flat the surrounding area.

This leaves a flat, even and suitably keyed surface that we then mask out before moving your car into our low-bake oven for priming. We use a high-build primer on larger repairs.

Customers from Tonbridge who use us for major accident repairs and car body repairs often have new panels fitted whereas with classic cars, and because of component scarcity, we either repair the damage or have new parts bespoke manufactured.

With bumper repairs, we usually localise the repaired area and blend out into the surrounding panels.

Once the primer cures, we remove your car from our low-bake oven. A technician applies a guide coat to the primer then “flats” out the surface with abrasive paper to remove the last of the surface scratches from the repair, and to achieve a smooth, level and evenly keyed panel for refinishing.

We then clean your car, mask it and paint it.

Why is Good Preparation Important?

We meet hundreds of classic car owners every year, mainly from the Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells areas but also from other parts of Kent and Southern England. We know through talking to our customers that their cars are more than just cars. For some, they are an obsession, and it is our duty to make sure our classic car repair and classic car restoration services deliver on their expectations every time they choose us.

But we are meticulous in everything we do, so good preparation comes as standard with single panel dent repairs and bumper repairs in much the same way as it does with work on classic cars.

Without good preparation, we wouldn’t have the reputation for quality accident repairs, crash repairs, car body repairs and restorations that we do. It has taken us many years to reach this point, centuries in fact, and we wouldn’t damage our history or our reputation by giving our Tonbridge customers anything but the best. At Hillary’s Coachworks, quality always comes first.

Call 01892 520500 for accident repairs, bumper repairs and classic car restorations. We cover Tonbridge, Kent and Southern England.